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Eric van der Meulen, President of Q'vive is an experienced leader in engineering, technology, and R&D.  He has broad expertise in plastics application technology, and development of new processes and products, with focus on cost, the innovative process, infrastructure, and systems.  Eric is credentialed Project Management Professional (PMP)®, and holds patents in the area of printing and other aspects of polycarbonate glazing.


"My career started at GE Plastics' European Headquarters in Technical Marketing, leading the plastics joining aspects of strategic programs in all markets.  In ‘98 I joined the startup team of Exatec, GE Plastics’ automotive glazing Joint Venture in Michigan, where I pioneered the development of printing and defroster technologies for polycarbonate glazing. 
In 2009 I founded Q'vive, LLC.  Q'vive has provided project management training to new product development teams and executives of corporate clients.  We are currently facilitating stage-gate implementation in new product development.  It is rewarding to partner with clients with vision who are ready to take action, and see the results." 

With expertise in the development of new processes, products, materials and equipment, and expert knowledge of plastics joining, finishing and printing, companies who typically seek our expertise have:

§     challenges translating customer needs into successful products that sell

§     a poorly defined, inefficient or hard to manage product development process

§     an infrastructure that is not conducive to innovative projects

§     great ideas but a limited understanding of the decisions

§     leveraging technology enabling partnerships to decrease cost and shorten timelines and the cost of the end product 

§     a need to implement a new technology to stay competitive or increase market share


With our extensive experience in leading the front end of new developments, including intellectual property management, liability assessment, technology partner- ships, and licensing, clients benefit from our ability to:

§     overcome challenges with inventive problem solving to create a cost effective reality

§     build a product develop infrastructure to execute multi-generational plans

§     implement project management and innovation best practices to deliver results

§     utilize activity-based cost management to make strategic technology and budget decisions

§     leveraging technology enabling partnerships to decrease cost and shorten timelines


what's in a name

  Q'vive is from "qui vive" 

- alert, vigilant - an essential  condition for success in 

every project.  




We believe in teaming up with

our clients to enhance their vision

to full 360-degree awareness,

so they can stay focused

on their mission.











Eric van der Meulen is a

PMI Credentialed Project Management Professional





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