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Downloads for PMP® & CAPM® Students

PMBOK® Guide  4th - 5th Edition Comparison
This overview is for those that have studied the fourth edition, but didn't take the exam in time before the update on July 31, 2013.
The sky isn't going to fall, and it's not the end of the world!
This overview highlights the differences between the fourth and fifth edition. 
Don't be intimidated by the addition of a new knowledge area.  Many issues and inconsistencies from the fourth edition have been resolved without fundamentally changing the "framework". 
Download the file, read the fifth edition, study the differences, and feel confident for the exam.

PMI® Experience Verification Worksheet
This worksheet helps you summarize Project Management experience prior to filling in the application online with PMI.


Time Management - Precedence Diagram Calculations


How do you calculate critical path and float? 

Download this presentation that guides you through creating a precedence diagram and calculations.



Companion Documents

This set of documents has been designed to 

complement the PMProcess Flowposter.


The documents in RH column have been revised to reflect the framework and processes as presented in PMBOK® Guide - Fifth Edition.  This fully revised and updated set was published on May 10, 2013, together with the new PMProcess Flow posterThe sixth document, explaining difficult ITTOs and processes, was added on Aug 24, 2015.


The formulas sheet can be downloaded for free (below), and the complete set of six documents is available in print or as a pdf file.  When ordered together with the poster a 50% discount is applied. 


PMPrimary Formulas  
Based on PMBOK® Guide 
Fifth Edition
The ultimate reference sheet with all formulas for the PMP® exam.
Organized by Knowledge Area, this list is color coded to be used as a companion to the
PMProcess Flow poster.
Download the pdf file.
Free for personal use
last updated 7/22/13 

PMPlan'n' Docs
Based on PMBOK® Guide 
Fifth Edition
The ultimate list with all
project management plan documents
and project documents.
Organized by Process Group and Knowledge Area, this list is color coded to be used as a companion to the PMProcess Flowposter. 
last updated 5/13/13 

PMTerms Defined Based on PMBOK® Guide  Fifth Edition
Glossary with definitions
that are commonly used in the project charter
or 4-block of projects.
last updated 2/1/17 













PMRoles Defined Based on PMBOK® Guide  Fifth Edition
Glossary with the people and their roles & responsibilies in and around the project.
The project manager role was updated in line with the June 2015 Exam Content Outline 
last updated 2/1/17 (added Customer Role)













PMPrep'n' Plan Based on PMBOK® Guide  Fifth Edition
Description of which of the subsidiary plans and baselines are created in the planning processes, and where the remaining parts of the project management plan come from.
last updated 5/13/13 








PMITTOs Debugged Based on PMBOK® Guide  Fifth Edition
Clarifying and making sense of ambiguities, inconsistencies, and difficult processes.
newly added 8/26/15 












Complete set of Companion Documents
Now Available: Original set of 5 + newly added 6th document for PMBOK Guide - Fifth Edition

last updated 12/29/15 
Based on PMBOK® Guide 
Fifth Edition

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