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           4 weeks
          12 hours
       450+ questions
      Jan 30 - Feb 20



This course prepares students to take the PMP® exam based on the current PMBOK Guide 5th Edition, which is in effect through March 25, 2018.  We will cover each of the ten knowledge areas, the code of ethics, and provide a review of the PMP® framework and exam facts, perspective, and approach.


The PMP® Exam Focus™ course:

·    prepares you for the current exam

·    is short, condensed, and intensive

·    uses 450+ practice exam questions

·    delivers high value for money

More about the exam change in the RH column.





Experience in project management.

Previous project management study or course.




Tuesdays Jan 30, Feb 6, 13, and 20

from 6-9pm

Total 4 x 3 hours = 12 hours




Go to




There will be an information session on Monday Jan 8, from 6:00-7:30pm, in room BTC 245 at Schoolcraft College. 




Schoolcraft College

18600 Haggerty Road

Livonia, MI 48152






The course targets individuals that have already gone through some other project management training or self-study, have read the PMBOK® Guide  Fifth Edition, and have basic knowledge of PMI’s project management framework.

·   degree students that need exam preparation 

·   project managers in career transition

·   professionals that need additional qualifying education hours




Each hour of this training course counts as one contact hour of formal education.  

PMI requires 35 contact hours to be eligible for the PMP®credential.

Upon completion, students will receive a 

certificate as proof of attendance.





Eric van der Meulen, President and Founder of Q'vive, LLC has extensive experience providing leadership and program management in product and process development, R&D, and engineering.

He has more than 20 years experience in project management for large and small companies, and internationally, both as functional leader and as consultant. 

Mr. van der Meulen is a Credentialed Project Management Professional (PMP), and holds a number of patents in the area of printing and other aspects of polycarbonate automotive glazing.  His strength is in actionizing innovation strategy, and stage-gate process implementation.

Mr. van der Meulen is equally effective working with senior management on strategic objectives as he is at coaching project managers and team members in the planning and execution of projects. 


·    Developed and delivered 36-hour Project Management Essentials & PMP Exam Preparation pilot in 2011, and subsequent courses at Schoolcraft College. Students have passed the PMP and CAPM exam.

·   Developed and delivered “Project Planning” series of weekly on-site workshops at engineering company.

·   Delivered on-site project management training for engineers, product developers, IT and finance staff, and executives of corporate clients. Coached executives and project teams with stage-gate implementation.

·   Facilitated executive Innovation Strategy development.

·   Member of ITT Technical Institute’s Business Program Advisory Committee.

·   Published the “PMProcess Flow™ Poster: The ultimate PMP road map and study guide”, a full color 18”x24” poster based on PMBOK® Guide Fourth and Fifth Editions. These posters have been shipped to 30+ countries worldwide.

·   Pioneered the development and industrialization of black-out printing and defroster application for 3-D curved injection molded polycarbonate automotive glazing. Led technology teams to establish a portfolio of processes and materials, and filed over 15 patents.

·   Contributed technologies to polycarbonate glazing system that won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan award for technology innovation.Awarded for contributions to technology portfolio and intellectual property.

·   Established a global supplier network for industrialization of polycarbonate glazing printing tech­nolo­gies by leveraging strategic partnerships. Negotiated licensing agreements with local and global suppliers.

·   Built activity based cost model for technology and commercial teams, analyzing process and product cost, resulting in focused technology projects and quick turnaround of accurate quotes.

·   Specified, negotiated, and procured process development work cells. Managed multi-million dollar project budgets. Instal­led on time, and within budget.

·   Led the development of automotive exterior body panel fixings which control thermal expansion, resulting in multiple commercial fender programs in Europe.

PMP Exam change effective March 26, 2018

CAPM Exam change effective TBA (first half of 2018)


PMI will update the PMP exam on March 26, 2018.  This means you can take the exam for PMBOK® Guide—Fifth Edition until March 25, 2018. If you take the exam on or after March 26, 2018, it will be based on PMBOK® Guide—Sixth Edition.

The CAPM exam will be updated on TBA (first half of 2018).


Here's the link to Exam update information on PMI's website.



We will spend approximately one hour per each of the ten knowledge areas, and the code of ethics (review + exam questions).  The rest of the time will be spent on review of the PMP framework and exam facts, perspective, and approach.  Practice exam questions are used to test proficiency in each area.


You will receive a course manual, which includes sections on all chapters of the PMBOK® Guide, professional responsibility, exam information, and practice questions.






We will use the PMProcess Flow™ poster to focus on the flow of the project management framework.  This full color 18” x 24” flow chart is a visual tool that has helped hundreds

of students locally and around the world to see the big picture, memorize essential process

level details, and pass the exam.     more info 






" I passed the PMP! Thanks for the help.  Your program helped me see the big everything fits together according to PMI.  I couldn't have done it without you."

-PMP Exam Focus student, September 25, 2011


"Hi Eric, I have passed the PMP test today.  This long test was very difficult.  Thank you very much for your class.  It helped me a lot to understand the processes and pass the test.  I have gained valuable knowledge through this experience and have been applying what I have learned to my daily work and life.  Thanks again."

-PMP Exam Focus student, August 30, 2011


"Hi Eric, just wanted to drop you a quick note that I passed the PMP exam yesterday.  Thanks for your help with getting me certified."

- PMP student, May 16, 2011


"I passed my PMP credentials exam last Thursday.  It was a challenge. ... Thank you for your help with the exam prep.  Your course put me on the right track."

- PMP student, May 16, 2011


"Just wanted to let you know that I passed the CAPM exam today.  Your class was a great help.  Thanks."

-PMP student, May 11, 2011


"I’m happy to report to you that I passed the PMP exam yesterday!  The course you provided was very helpful in preparing for the exam.  Thank you."

-PMP student, May 9, 2011


"An excellent course in Project Management essentials and best practices taught by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor.  A must for anyone planning to take the PMP exam!"
-PMP student, winter 2011 semester


"The instructor was focused and effective in teaching the subject matter and recommending supplemental material to further help me gain knowledge."
-PMP student, winter 2011 semester


"It is a great class for a PMP Professional."
-PMP student, winter 2011 semester


"Eric is very good at explaining project management from a PMI viewpoint."
-PMP student, winter 2011 semester


"Very knowledgeable and energetic about subject."
-PMP student, winter 2011 semester


"Eric is a great instructor and loves teaching."
-PMP student, winter 2011 semester


"The course did a good job of meeting objective of PMP exam prep.  Eric did a good job with the material."
-PMP student, winter 2011 semester


"Eric was very professional and knowledgeable.  Good presenter!  Kept our attention.  Very organized."

- Project Management student, spring 2010


"Content was very well covered.  Liked the detail & examples."

- Project Management student, spring 2010


"Eric is very knowledgeable, energetic."

- Project Management student, spring 2010


"Eric was very engaging and interesting."

- Project Management student, spring 2010





One-fifth of the world’s GDP, or $12 trillion, is spent on projects. And with many skilled practitioners leaving or scheduled to leave the workforce due to retirement – in the United States alone, 40% of the workforce by 2015 – there is a great demand for knowledgeable project managers. So much so that $4.5 million of that total is at risk, and the talent gap is widening. When these opportunities arise, certification helps make sure that you’ll be ready. There are already more than 500,000 PMP credential holders around the world and in every industry, from healthcare, tele-communications and finance to IT and construction.


According to a 2007 PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 80% of high-performing projects use a credentialed project manager. Make sure you’re one of them by earning a PMP certification.


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