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  product / process development
  design for six sigma
  phase-gate process
  inventive problem solving
  contradiction resolution
  intellectual property
  technical systems evolution
Frost & Sullivan award for technology innovation

A great example of TRIZ (theory of inventive problem solving) application to study materials is the project management process flow poster. The CONTRADICTION SOLVED here is "Amount of Substance" (400+ page PMBOK Guide) and "Convenience of use" (18"x24" chart showing both high-level overview as well as process-level detail, like inputs, tools and techniques, outputs and data flow) using "Transformation of properties" (scattered information in b/w print book to full color chart).
more about this poster here

technology development 
  process development
  product development
  material development
  equipment design
  performance testing
defroster dispensing
inventive problem solving in
plastics application development
  printed in-mold film “E900Grafx” product,
  offering styling flexibility at very low tooling
film insert molded
graphics for
automotive glazing 
  automotive exterior body panel fixings which
  control thermal expansion, enabling on-line
  attachment before E-coat, eliminating a costly
  secondary painting process
Land Rover Freelander 
with Noryl GTX fenders & sliding fastener system

innovation training & coaching

  actionizing innovation strategy

  phase-gate project management

  decision making tools for the fuzzy front-end

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